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209 Presentation to the Community Heritage Conference 2015 by Miller, Vergunst and Wainwright. Brief description of the Commonty and Colony of Bennachie. Some oral histories. History of the English Quarry, Bennachie. Friday 17th of November 2017 06:15:30 PM Saturday 06th of July 2019 12:19:04 PM
212 Plant a Tree on Bennachie Poster advertising tree planting days at "foraging forest" in Nov/Dec 2017 Thursday 30th of November 2017 08:55:20 AM Sunday 10th of December 2017 02:23:28 PM
238 Plant a Tree 3 March 2018 Poster Thursday 08th of March 2018 03:29:15 PM Thursday 08th of March 2018 03:29:15 PM
311 Letter from Forestry Commission Granting Filming Permission for Bennachie Video Correspondence from the Forestry Commission to Ms Sheenah Cobb granting permission for the Bailies to film the Bennachie Video. Ref No. 6-1-6. Friday 04th of September 2020 02:09:32 PM Monday 04th of October 2021 04:25:56 PM
345 Letter to Mr Watson from Conservator, Forestry Commission re amendments (to leaflet?) Let to Mr Watson re his letter of 19 May with proposed amendments, stating that they have all been included except the heights in metric and details of amphibians, reptiles and insects, which have had instead just a passing ref. Tuesday 11th of April 2023 10:44:07 PM Tuesday 11th of April 2023 10:44:07 PM
347 Letter from R J R Marnie, Forestry Commission to R O'Brien, Divisional Education Office, Elgin re Donview Centre Let to O'Brien re layout of Donview Centre with attached plan, description of 16 info panels on the topic of forestry. These had not been agreed upon but requested O'Brien's comments and on the minutes of a previous meeting Tuesday 11th of April 2023 10:59:19 PM Tuesday 11th of April 2023 11:17:14 PM
349 2 Letters to Mrs Helen Fraser re scrub saw for the Bailies from the Forestry Commission 1; Let advising Mrs Fraser that a scrub saw would cost approx £60 and further advice given when one is available. 2; Let advising Mrs Fraser of full price of a brush saw, where/how it can be paid, and that it can be inspected at Balnacoul Tuesday 11th of April 2023 11:26:19 PM Tuesday 11th of April 2023 11:26:31 PM