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209 Presentation to the Community Heritage Conference 2015 by Miller, Vergunst and Wainwright. Brief description of the Commonty and Colony of Bennachie. Some oral histories. History of the English Quarry, Bennachie. Friday 17th of November 2017 06:15:30 PM Sunday 17th of March 2024 05:48:39 PM
252 Short Note on the natural Sediments around Druminnor Castle. Short note on the sediments exposed beside the road to Druminnor Castle from Clatt, It is concluded that the silty sand is probably a periglacial deposit. Thursday 29th of November 2018 08:25:23 PM Monday 04th of October 2021 12:35:26 PM
343 Letter from Forestry Commission to Dr D G Gordon re contributions to leaflet on Bennachie Letter from E G Richards, conservator of the Forestry Commission to D G Gordon re his contribution on geology (draft attached - 2nd page) for a proposed leaflet about Bennachie. Richards awaits 5 other draft contributions on various topics Tuesday 11th of April 2023 10:24:44 PM Tuesday 11th of April 2023 10:25:02 PM